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What's going on?

Every year, the students of 157A and 157B make portal pages linking to their works. Check ‘em out! Note: These are best viewed on desktop.

The Crafty Cauldron | DES 157A

screenshot of crafty cauldron website

This cool madlibs website by Brandish Couch allows you create a potion recipe for best buddy or worst enemy.

Project best viewed on desktop.

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Plant Parenthood | DES 157A

Plant parenthood screenshot

In Emily Wen's fun plant care game, you need to make sure that you can keep a friend's plant alive with food, water, and sunlight.

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Keychain City | DES 157A

screenshot of keychain

Jenny Wong's interactive narrative gives us a peak into her keychain collection, featuring a rotating 3D stand.

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Then & Now | DES 157B

screenshot of then and now

An introspective website, Anthony Chow asks you leave a message for the you of 5 years ago.

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Construct of Race | DES 157B

animated gif of race project

Mahima Kale gives us a website that asks us to think about race, racism, and how it is tied to the history of America.

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A Thousand Cranes | DES 157B

screenshot of thousand cranes website

Rachel Tu created a website that connects Japanese history and tradition with digital interaction design.

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Are you interested in styling and coding websites? UC Davis offers a variety of courses pertaining to the fundamentals of UI UX and interactive media.

Check out what people are saying about us!

  • DES117 and DES157A have been two of my favorite courses at UC Davis. I enjoy being able to learn practical skills and apply them to create products that I can call my own.
  • This was a great class, I learned a lot and the assignments directly affected what we were learning and also gave me pieces to put in my portfolio and keep working on to improve.
  • I wish there were more classes on front end coding! I learned so much and the knowledge I obtained is applicable for my desired future career.
  • Although I came in with a little web design experience, this course taught me a lot beyond what I already knew. I truly enjoyed this class and was able to come up with some great personal project ideas. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to pursue a career in web design.
  • I absolutely love this class! This is probably my favorite class so far! I love how this class values flexibility and creative freedom by letting us choose our topic for each project. This class made me love front-end web development more and I hope to continue on with that path. I learned tons of technical, design and soft skills that are also transferrable.
  • I took this class as a "fun" elective, not realizing the intensity and challenge of the course. However, I don't regret it one bit because I learned so much and challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone by diving into a more advanced coding class. Overall I enjoyed this class and loved being able to find my way through challenges in this course.